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Aged White Oak

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An intriguing and one-of-a-kind texture that captures the essence of the natural beauty of aged wood. Each individual plank of this flooring measures 3m in length, providing a seamless look and a sense of spaciousness. The whitewashed finish gives the planks an appearance reminiscent of the warmth and brightness of natural light while maintaining a certain visual texture that reflects the history and strength of aged oak. This flooring is ideal for spaces that desire a touch of rustic elegance and a feeling of open space. Aged White Oak conveys a sense of calm and serenity, making every room a place where it's a pleasure to linger and admire the intrinsic beauty of restored wood.

Name: Aged White Oak

Real size: 247cm X 600cm

Pixel size: 4080px X 9886px

Tileable W: yes

Tileable H: yes

Provided maps: RGB (diffuse), Bump1, Bump2, Reflex

Ready-to-use material setup: 3dsMax for V-Ray 6 and Corona 10, C4D for V-Ray 6 and Corona 10.

You will get a ZIP (81MB) file


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