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About extremetextures

My career path began in the field of industrial and advertising photography in 1996, primarily as a photo retoucher. Over the years, working closely with professional photographers, I was able to grasp the fundamental concepts that make up the foundations of photography: scene composition, framing choice, and lighting. In 2007, I ventured into the world of 3D rendering.

Right from the start, I realized that to create good renderings, high-quality textures were necessary, among other things. However, the market for such textures was very limited, especially for large surfaces like walls and floors. Driven by this need, I attempted to create my first textures, starting with the materials I found in photographic studios. During this period of research and experimentation, my growing passion extended to various handcrafted finishes. Recreating the saw-cut effect of a modern wooden floor or the marks of a hand-applied resin with a spatula in a rendering became a constant challenge, allowing me to refine my specialization step by step.

Today, I often find myself producing wood textures (for floors or specially processed panels for furniture), concrete and resin, ceramics, natural stones with different finishes, decorative walls, wallpapers, oxidized metals, and more. This service is not only for rendering studios but also for companies in the interior design and furniture industry.

The technique I've developed over the years allows me to capture the actual reflection properties of various materials during acquisition, as well as their relief. Therefore, the reflection and bump maps are not "fake," created with Photoshop filters, but are genuinely acquired from physical material samples. This translates to greater realism and less time spent on finding the right material setup in rendering.

It is in this context that "Extremetextures" was born: an ambitious project with the aim of creating a reference marketplace for architects, designers, and 3D graphics professionals who require high-quality textures for their work.

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